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PCS  Drainage Consultation

Have you ever been faced with any of these situations when addressing a drainage problem in your community?

Then call us for our exclusive  PCS Drainage Consultation!

Quick, efficient, easy to understand and loaded with useful information and answers - all in a little over an hour and for only a few hundred dollars.  PCS tm  stands for "Problem, Cause, Solution" ... our unique three step approach to assessing and solving site drainage problems.  Created by our principal drainage engineer, Greg Budnik, P.E., (our owner and state-licensed hydraulic & hydrologic engineer and former HOA president, board member and condo officer himself during his 25 years as an engineer in Northern Virginia), this method of assessment has been successfully used by our firm to properly identify and resolve drainage problems efficiently and effectively for over two decades for hundreds of communities in the Washington Metro area.

Here's how it works:
  1. Contact us to set up an appointment to meet at the site.  We will need an e-mail or fax explaining and locating the problem area, preferably related to an address nearby.  Please let us know if this is an emergency situation*.
  2. For non-emergency situations, one of our engineers will contact you within 24 hours to review the request and schedule the consultation.  Consultations are usually available within five working days or less, though emergencies can be scheduled, in most cases as quickly as the following day.
  3. The day of the consultation, our engineer will meet with your Association's representative(s) at the site and confirm and quantify the problem, properly identify the cause and recommend / discuss appropriate solutions as well as estimate a preliminary cost of the options.  The entire consultation is recorded on a digital audio recorder (ready-to-play, PC-compatible ".wma" file format) for your Board's, contractor's and Association's future reference (unless your Association declines this option).
  4. Digital photographs and video clips (both in ready-to-play, PC-compatible formats) are taken to document the conditions at the time of the consultation.
  5. A PC-compatible CD of the photos, videos, audio recording and invoice for services is delivered to your Association within 48 hours. Our fee is due at the time of CD delivery, by check.
It's that simple!

Keep in mind that your Association has the option, either after a consultation or in lieu there of, to request our firm's more detailed assistance by:
Let our Licensed Professional Civil Engineers provide you their insight on your drainage problem based on our quarter century of field experience!


PCS Drainage Consultation:

$300  - for typical 1.5 hour field consultation **
$  50  - CD of photos, videos and audio recording
$  50  - for each additional half hour (or portion thereof) of consultation time requested by client

A 25% surcharge applies to all emergency service calls

** Fee includes additional time required for limited office research,
phone discussion with client and project set-up prior to consultation meeting. 
All consultations are performed in accordance with our Conditions of Service

Order a
PCS  Drainage Consultation

Download and fill out the short, one page PCS Drainage Consultation Request Form and email it to us.  It's that simple!

Don't have access to download, print or email right now?  Just call us and we'll take down your information over the phone!

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